Hearon Seminars


If any of the following forms fail to download, please send an e-mail request to: james@kevinhearon.com
Foot Form
Foot Examination Form


For doctors that have completed the Council on Extremity Adjusting's (CEA) course on Foot, Gait and Orthotics module. This form will enable CCEP's to correctly examine the foot for making or prescribing foot orthoses.


(PDF Format, requires Adobe reader)

Letter of Medical Necessity
Letter of Medical Necessity


Send this letter in with your claim forms for orthotics. Be sure to format to accommodate your company's logo and address.


(MS Word 2007 format)

Exam Forms
Chiropractic Exam Form

Designed for doctors trained in Extremities Adjusting, this form is perfect for graduates of the CCEP program.


(PDF Format, requires Adobe reader)

Patient Progress Report

Keep all of your patient notes handy for reference with this patient progress report.



(PDF Format, requires Adobe reader)

Ortho Station
Dr. Hearon's Orthotics Examination Station
A very handy piece of furniture for examining the feet and storing orthotics. This station will enable the skilled CCEP to quickly and efficiently make custom orthotics for their patients on the spot!


(PDF Format, requires Adobe reader)

Order Form

Pacific Medical is offering a discount to CCEPs on the DonJoy® Protective Knee Guard (PKG). Click and print this order form.


(PDF Format, requires Adobe reader)

Knee Chart
Avoid repetitive orthopedic testing/challenging of ligaments of the knee during the healing process until near the end of the healing period. Allow the new filaments of the ligaments to reattach with out you disrupting them constantly.


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